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Some people are born with extraordinary intuition that is always consistent in prophesying the future. Similarly, some have a special gift that allows them to see and talk to the deceased in various ways.

Although the words might seem synonymous and interchangeable, psychics and mediums have different meanings.

Psychics are powerfully gifted at reading the past, present, and future events, while mediums are usually considered as a bridge between the living and the deceased. These definitions are just but the tip of the iceberg. Hence, this piece talks more about these special powers and other relatable gifts concerning psychic medium.

Who is a Psychic?

The word psychic, as defined by most dictionaries, indicates that it’s something related to the human soul or mind. Further definitions say a psychic is someone who is more mentally driven. According to psychology, a psychic is in tune with nonphysical force or someone with a deep noting of the mental phenomena.

Hence, a psychic is capable of reading and giving information about someone’s past, present, and future. Psychics can only read and prophesy about the events in your life, but can’t deliver messages from the other side.

Who is a Medium?

The word medium simply means a bridge between two entities, people, and businesses, among other things. When used in this context, a medium is uniquely gifted with the ability to talk with the deceased.

Mediums are people through whom the living can contact the dead, and vice versa. They do this by raising their vibration (spiritual energy) high enough to reach the non-living side. It is important as it will usually heal the voids that has been left the deceased to the living. Such closure is very necessary for people who could be looking for an opportunity to move on happily with their lives.


From mediums comes mediumship, which is the verb practice of the former word. Mediumship is the whole process of communication between the living and the non-living. It gained massive popularity in the nineteenth century, however, for the wrong reasons.

Mediumship was used to entertain the upper-class people, but it was later discovered to incorporate fraud. This went on to hurt the practice and people who were genuinely gifted with this power. However, it’s now coming back, though slowly but surely.

Legit mediumship has made it possible to contact the dead for people in need of such services. Moreover, the dead can pass important messages to their loved ones through the same process.

Psychic Medium Readings

If you seek a loving reunion with your loved ones that have crossed over, psychic medium reading is the best solution. It incorporates connections and messages between the physical and nonphysical.

A psychic medium reading is an ultimate bridge between humans and the spiritual realm. The following are the two main types of psychic medium readings:

1. Channeling

In this process, a psychic medium permits a spiritual individual to enter their aura, and then the body. The spiritual individual must be known, and there must be a strong reason for contacting and connecting with them.

2. Mental Mediumship

With this option, the psychic medium vibrates higher and uses more than our ordinary five senses. These senses include;

• Clairvoyance – Spiritual Hearing

• Clairaudience – Spiritual Vision

• Clairempathy – Spiritual Empathy

• And Clairsentience – Spiritual Feeling

Using this medium, the living and the dead can share their regrets, love, gratitude, advice, and words unspoken, among other relevant messages.

Tarot Card Reading

Another similar application of spiritual communication is using tarot cards. Tarot cards can be used to gain insights into your past, present, and future. It’s done by formulating questions, then picking and interpreting the cards.

For successful tarot card readings, here is what you need to do:

• Stay positive

• Be neutral

• Focus on yourself

• Have an open mind

Bottom Line

It is important to acknowledge the need for psychics and mediums in our lives. They are an important part of our society for those who recognize them. They provide the appropriate closure that someone could be needing in order to go on with life smoothly. You will get to learn how the past is significant for your present.

Mediums will also be able to bridge the gap between someone and their loved ones who passed on, and this is important for people to move on with their lives.