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A clairvoyant is a psychic that has heightened awareness and they get in touch with the spiritual abilities. They can see visions clearly and have heightened senses including hearing, smelling, feeling, and tasting. They can use their abilities to providing readings to people and help them understand the world including some future events.

A clairvoyant has Clair sensitivity. It is said that most babies are born with this but they lose it over the years. A clairvoyant can hold on to these abilities and are able to stay connected with them. A person with these abilities can look at others and gain insight into their life and an event. They can also get information about a location or a specific object. The clairvoyant has extended perception and their senses are much stronger than others. They are in tune with everything they are experiencing and use their senses to help with these experiences. They can be in tune with the world around them and pick up on things that others cannot.

In the world of psychic abilities, a clairvoyant can use their ability to see and hear to gain insight when they are giving a person reading. They will be to gain deeper insight into the questions a person may have and they can look at the question about the past, present, and even the future. They will use factors that will help them gain insight and look at any factors that many people do not even consider to learn about a situation and what can be causing it.

When getting a reading from a clairvoyant a person can expect to learn about different things. They can be given details about images that the clairvoyant is seeing. These can be images about how likely a situation is to play out. They can also share the emotions that they feel are being attached to this situation. They will also tell what types of energies they are feeling and the type of outcomes that the situation may have based on these different types of energies.

The clairvoyant is able to give information when they are presented with open-ended questions. They can tell about the feelings and insights that they get when they are asked these questions and can even provide detailed answers. A person can get more information from this than is they ask a question that will require a yes or no answer. It may take the clairvoyant a minute to find an answer and this is normal. They need to notice all of the feelings and senses so they will be able to accurately describe it.

A clairvoyant can perform physic readings due to their advanced insight and heightened senses. They will be able to provide details based on what they are seeing and feeling about a situation. They can answer open questions and even give details about the possible outcome. This information can help a person make sound decisions and get a feel for the different outcomes their actions can cause.